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Cyclone Pam

SuperCyclone Pam caused massive destruction in Vanuatu and the people are struggling to rebuild their homes and gardens. Food and building supplies are in short supply and it will take months for the gardens to recover.

All yachts are welcome to participate in the recovery process. Yachting World will help coordinate the fleet of yachts from Yacht Aid, Sea Mercy and all other yachts wishing to assist in bringing food and supplies to critical areas in Vanuatu.

Cyclone Pam did considerable damage to the homes of many of our staff and their extended families. The Vanuatu people are wonderfully resilient and capable but are currently in need of financial assistance to help rebuild. If you are able to contribute financially to help in the recovery process please:

Email YachtingWorld for details on how to assist


There are new clearance regulations and yachts ARE being fined for
non-compliance. Click here for information on the new regulations.

Yachting World wishes all cruising yachts everywhere a very happy 2015 with fair winds and wonderful adventures. We look forward to seeing you during the 2015 cruising season. Do take note of the changes to ports of entry and advance notice regulations now in effect and be sure to visit the official customs website for the latest updates at least 10 days before your planned arrival.

We will be hosting a number of Rallies this year - the major ones being World ARC expected to arrive in Port Vila in July. We are reserving our Sea-Wall Marina for them for two weeks.

The ICA Rally arrives in August and is sponsored by Yachting World. More details are on our Yacht Rally Page.

The Waterfront Bar and Grill - on the Marina - await you with the coldest Beer and our famous Lobster Platters !!

Happy sailing - see you soon !!

Yachting World's staff will be here to welcome each and every one of you with the same warm friendlyness that we have been offering cruising yachts for more than 25 years.

Vanuatu is the most yachting-friendly cruising grounds of the Pacific. You and your crew will be welcome here and we look forward to seeing you on arrival.

Yachting World's moorings, marina, cybernet cafe, fuel wharf, laundry and mail service will make your visit to Port Vila much more enjoyable.

Waterfront Quays Apartments is part of the Yachting World Vanuatu complex and the perfect place for family, crew and friends to stay when visiting you in Port Vila.

Yacht Help Vanuatu

Superyachts and motor yachts, please see our Superyacht Yacht Help Vanuatu Welcome Page

Yachting World has formed an alliance with Yacht Help Fiji to provide the very best assistance to visiting superyachts. We will also also, of course, continue to provide Yacht Help services to every kind of vessel that visits Port Vla.

Yacht WiFi in Port Vila

Enjoy a high speed WiFi Connection on our seawall marina and moorings and fast ADSL at the Connect Café

This website provides yachting and cruising information that will assist you with Vanuatu arrival and clearance, and how yachting world can assist you during your cruising visit to Vanuatu.

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